Words, writings and books can’t give enough credit to how much our ancestors (the Assyrians) have contributed to the development of humanity. From agriculture, literacy, arts, mathematics to commerce and faith traditions they’ve paved the way for our human race to advance and to reach the complex level that it has today.

We at TawAlap are proud to have such ancestors and we aim to provide our nation with a Brand that represents them in every sense of the word. Represents them in their culture, values and faith. Our Mission is to create that brand which represents the Assyrian culture and values.

I am an Assyrian, and as an Assyrian I am obligated to be actively interested in the destiny of the Assyrians, once the greatest nation now almost forgotten. I would be an arch-chriminal if I failed to assume this obligation.

— Dr. David B. Perley

Ethically Sourced Metals

The metals (Gold & Silver) used to make up our jewelry are of highest quality and ethical practices. For us Quality & Ethics are the main values when it comes to working in the jewelry industry, that is to source metals from the best quality and ethical mines which are based in Canada.

We put all that along the Assyrian inspired designs to give you something valuable & meaningful in a compact form which after all is what makes up a jewelry piece.

The Brand Name - Taw Alap

Our name is made of the Aramaic letters Taw & Alap which is quite often used in Assyrian words mostly at the end of a word. If you’re familiar with the Assyrian language you’d know that Alap is the first letter and Taw is the last. We like to use this as a guide for us as a Brand and Assyrians as a nation that in order to get to the top we must start at the very bottom and build our way up — that is TawAlap.

tawalap logo
tawalap logo

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Toronto, Canada