Diamonds take the already extravagant luxury of jewelry to another level with their sparkle and brilliance.

Diamond Popularity

They've come to be used in variety of jewelry including rings, pendants and chains; people have come to love the additional beauty that they add to a jewelry piece.

More Information

Diamonds are a little bit complex when it comes to determining their value, there are 4 main attributes that contribute to the value of a diamond set by the GIA(Gemological Institute of America) lets understand each attribute.

(1) Color

Less color means higher grade, the scale is from colorless to light yellow.

(2) Clarity

Flawless is the highest grade which basically has no inclusions, and the lowest is Included grading which means inclusions are visible to the eye.

(3) Cut

Excellent cut is the highest grade and Poor is the lowest, this does not mean the actual shape of the diamond rather it's the effect that the cut has on the diamonds sparkle and brilliance that determines the quality of it.

(4) Carat Weight

Like other jewelry components weight is also a factor that mainly effects the diamonds price but along the first three attributes.

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December 26, 2023


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