Embracing Creativity, Rejecting Banality: Inspiring Innovation and Higher Levels of Creativity among Contemporary Assyrian Artists.

Embracing Creativity, Rejecting Banality: Inspiring Innovation and Higher Levels of Creativity among Contemporary Assyrian Artists.

In the realm of contemporary Assyrian art, there is an urgent need for innovation and a departure from predictable “boring” art. The art world constantly evolves, and to remain relevant and impactful, artists must challenge themselves to break away from the mundane. This article explores the importance of rejecting banal art within the context of contemporary Assyrian artists and their tendency to replicate rather than innovate, emphasizing the need for risk-taking and creative exploration.

While the notion of unrestricted self-expression is valuable and liberating, it is equally important to recognize that genuine self-expression often involves delving deeper into one's thoughts, emotions, and experiences. The belief that there are no limitations to self-expression may inadvertently discourage individuals from harnessing the full transformative potential of creative outlets. A deeper level of self-exploration allows for a more meaningful connection with the audience, as it taps into universal human experiences and emotions that resonate on a spiritual level.

Deeper self-expression can also lead to personal growth and a heightened sense of fulfillment (creating with purpose). It enables individuals to confront their fears, challenges, and ultimately discover new facets of themselves. By embracing this depth, Assyrian artists can create work that not only reflects their inner worlds but also resonates with others on a profound and spiritual level. Self-expression DOES NOT need be a drive-thru experience; quickly put together to product tomorrow’s trash.

Contemporary Assyrian artists have frequently received praise for reproducing what already exists in perfect form in the numerous museums that exhibit ancient Assyrian art. While referencing ancient Assyrian art is important for the learning process, it should not hinder creative progress. By rejecting praise, along with cliched creative output, we encourage our artists to break free from their comfort zones, explore uncharted artistic territories, and discover more robust forms of expression.

Innovation is the lifeblood of art. Banal art in the Assyrian contemporary art scene often lacks the innovative spark needed to engage viewers on a deeper level. Abandoning the ordinary serves as a call to action for Assyrian artists to infuse fresh perspectives, concepts, and techniques into their work. By doing so, they can contribute to the evolution of Assyrian contemporary art and attract a broader audience.

Stagnation is a common result of banal art. When artists repeatedly replicate what already exists, they miss out on the opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve. Contemporary Assyrian artists must recognize the limitations of staying within their creative comfort zones. By rejecting banal art, they can embrace the nature of their talent and unleash their creative potential. Taking artistic risks is an integral part of breaking free from banality. Assyrian artists should feel encouraged to experiment, challenge conventions, and explore uncharted territories. Risk-taking leads to new discoveries that can awaken the contemporary Assyrian art scene.

A purpose-driven journey of contemporary Assyrian art is not solely the responsibility of artists; it also hinges on the role played by patrons. Patrons who place a premium on innovation and shun the mundane become champions of change, having significant influence over the evolution of Assyrian contemporary art. Their support paves the way for a more diverse and expansive audience to be drawn into the realm of this art form.

Art has the potential to serve as a powerful bridge between our community and the wider world. The rejection of banal art represents a pivotal step in revitalizing Assyrian cultural narratives and ensuring their continued resonance in a world undergoing rapid transformation. The artists who dare to innovate will infuse new life into our ancient traditions.

In conclusion, stop being boring! Embrace risk-taking, and don't confine yourself to the role of a wedding singer within Assyrian art. This is an open invitation for ALL contemporary Assyrian artists, urging them to break free from the limits of replication and harness the force of creativity to narrate their creative journey in original ways. By doing so, your art will elevate our cultural heritage and make meaningful contributions to the world of contemporary art.

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Rabel Betshmuel


January 26, 2024


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