Gold Jewelry

Gold has had it's significant role in the formation and advancement of our civilization from its ancient origins and use by mainly the ancient kings & queens to its use in the form of actual currency for exchange of goods or to hold and build wealth.

Gold Scarcity & Value

It has proven it's worth till this day and we're lucky to be able to have access to it and we believe it's never been easier for the average person to obtain a piece of gold either in solid form or jewelry.

More Information

Gold in it's purest form is soft for jewelry, so it's mixed with other metals to form a more durable piece of jewelry.

A jewelry piece's gold purity is indicated in Karat(k) grading, the highest being 24k which is 99.99% pure gold.

There are other common purities used, we've displayed some common grades in the list below:

  • 12k (50%)

  • 14k (58.3%)

  • 18k (75%)

  • 22k (91.6%)

Fun Facts

Gold today has many uses, here are most of them with percentage of usage:

  • 46% is used to make jewelry

  • 22% is held as form of investments

  • 17% is used by the banks

  • 8% is used in electronics as it conducts electricity

  • Some unknown percentage in space technologies

Recycled Gold

1/3 of gold supply globally is through recycled gold!

Meaning you can turn you existing pieces of gold into any piece of jewelry of your liking.

Checkout our wide options for gold pendants.

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December 26, 2023


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