Jewelry Chains

Jewelry Chains

Jewelry chains specifically ones designed for the neck come in all different gold grades(10k, 14k, 18k, etc...) the mains aspects of the chain that reflect the price are

  • Width or gauge of the links

  • Length of the entire chain

  • Links Style (Link, Rope, Cuban, etc...)

  • Type of chain in terms of construction, there are mainly two types Hollow and Solid

  • Diamonds if it has any

  • Lastly and most important is the weight

Valuable Tip

The best way to know the true value of the chain that you might be interested in getting would be to mainly look at the Gold Karat Grade and the Weight to figure out how much of that Karat grade you're getting in weight which is usually in grams.

This should be your formula to determine the value of a chain not the width, length or the style but only the weight of that gold Karat Grade.

Of-course on difference is if the chain has any diamonds then that'll mostly add to the value and weight so be sure to account for it.

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December 26, 2023


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