Sterling Silver

Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver is the most common and contains the highest amount of silver that is used to create wearable jewelry.


The SS or Silver 925 labeling refers to the amount of silver that us used to make up the alloy and it's in percent form, which means that a sterling silver piece of any sort is 92.5% pure silver.

Why 925 & not 999?

The reason why it's not 100% silver is because silver alone is soft and it won't hold it's form as well as sterling sliver that is more durable dur to having a little mixture of other stronger metals.

More Information

Sterling Silver (925) naturally tarnishes over time for some people quicker than others based on use and the care they provide the jewelry piece. So don't be alarmed when you have a real silver piece and it starts to tarnish it's normal & it can be cleaned/polished at any local jewelry shop and restored to its original shine.

There is a common misconception that any jewelry piece with the SS or Silver 925 engraving on it is 100% real. Unfortunately that's not a concrete proof as any jeweler can print or engrave that labeling on a piece even if it's not silver.

Our best advice is to purchase your Sterling Silver jewelry from a trusted online or local shop.

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December 26, 2023


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